Specialist Professional Organising

Based in Geelong and servicing all around Australia, UnKluttered Life offers specialist professional organising services for both residential and business purposes.

Office or home organising, reduction and relocation, and styling for sale are just some of the areas we work in. With training from Jena Dyco International and ongoing study with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (USA), we are trustworthy and experienced excessive clutter, chronic disorganisation and hoarding specialists.

Interior designer and organiser extraordinaire Elise Purkis has been that friend, colleague and person often called upon to help declutter and put order in homes and office spaces.

Seeing the transformations that have occurred, as well as demand for bookings, propelled her to start UnKluttered Life, a unique business with a mission of professional organising for a host of clients.

Combining her interior design knowledge with organisational prowess carves out Elise and the UnKluttered Life team as the ultimate professionals to call on when you’re in need of a professional organiser.

Supportive Hoarder Cleanouts

Particularly, we’ve also had success with working with hoarders and those affected by hoarding, chronic disorganisation, squalor or excess clutter tendencies and are proud to offer expertise in this area.

UnKluttered Life works in with relevant psychologists, social workers or other professionals.

We’ve already successfully assisted many clients by working to create organised and decluttered spaces.

With a patient yet proactive approach, Elise and her team are all passionate about improving the lives and spaces of their clients.

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UKL Vision Statement

Our visions is to see our customers stop and sigh with a sense of relief when they re-enter the space we have created.

UKL Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide value, support and education to our clients in two key ways.  Firstly by providing a specialist professional organising service to transform cluttered and disorganised spaces.  Secondly by undertaking supportive hoarder cleanouts to those affected by this debilitating condition.