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Geelong Professional Organisers

UnKluttered Life is an Australian business which provides professional organising services for residential and business purposes as well as specialist services in the area of supportive hoarder cleanouts.

Based in Geelong and working with clients nationally in locations like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide as well as regional areas like Hamilton, Warrnambool and Ballarat, UnKluttered Life specialises in the areas of reduction and relocation, styling for sale or staging, deceased estate clean up as well as professional organising for home or office.

With an awareness of the feeling of freedom that can come with an organised space, it’s our mission to help empower our clients through our services, whether that’s making a space even more liveable or working with hoarders on supportive hoarder cleanouts.

Elise Purkis
Professional Organiser, Supportive Hoarder Cleanout Specialist

The brainchild of UnKluttered Life, Elise Purkis felt led to start her business as a natural career progression and merger of her two passions: people and organising.

When asked what she does for work, the answer is bigger than small talk conversation: “I change peoples’ lives.”

Passionate, friendly and approachable, Elise loves nothing more than helping others declutter and organise their spaces… creating beautiful and practical spaces for living or work.

After taking some time off work when she had her children, Elise knew that with her two children now a little older, it was time to re-enter the workforce.

Following her passion and talents, she felt led to launch UnKluttered Life… to which she brings along her set of varied life experiences and skills, including her previous experience in interior design.

Her epiphany came after she helped a client pack up for relocation, then travel interstate to help unpack – all within an extremely tight time frame. A happy client and successful outcome later, it was clear to her that this was her calling.

With a love for professional organising that’s led her to help friends, family and colleagues (even before starting her business), Elise feels a deep satisfaction when she’s using her talents and expertise to help others organise their own homes and offices.

Whether dealing with corporate clients or undertaking supportive hoarder cleanouts, Elise has found success through her sensitive approach, understanding of best industry practice and expertise in the area of professional organising.

Elise is a member of the Australiasian Association of Professional Organisers and is currently undertaking studies with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (USA).


Elise Purkis

Jamesie James
Interior Designer, Stylist and Professional Organiser Extraordinaire

With an honours degree in design as well as qualifications in Interior Design, Jamesie James is an experienced stylist and interior designer with a natural flair for professional organising.

She counts herself privileged to be able to work on others’ spaces, and over the years has had much opportunity to work collaboratively and independently on spaces… turning peoples’ visions for their homes and environment into reality.

Conscious of the power, freedom and productivity that a well organised environment gives off, in conjunction with considerations like aesthetics and comfort, Jamesie is passionate about using her skills to create organised homes and offices for her clients.

She is excited to be working in the area of professional organising and brings her positivity, passion and clear vision to all jobs.

With a natural flair for styling and strong understanding of interiors, she looks forward to working with clients… and believes that anything is possible when people combine their energy and work towards a common goal.

Jamesie also uses her creative skills at her business, Wic & Folk, where she makes handcrafted homewares and craft tools.

Jamesie James