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Organiser Geelong Blog – “WOW Factor Off the Scale!”

Professional Organiser Geelong.  For the record, Geelong Professional Organiser, Elise Purkis, does not own shares in Thermomix.  Yeah… Right…   The brain’s pretty cool, right? It’s like a super organ. It’s faster than the super-est of computers, more powerful than all other animal brains put together and able to make leaps of faith when no […]

Professional Organiser Blog – “Bowerbirds and Cherry Ripe Wrappers”

Geelong’s Professional Organiser, Elise Purkis, sees the world of hoarders in a completely different light to most.  Ask any bowerbird.   The male bowerbird during the courtship season is an amazing animal. In order to attract a mate he will spend hundreds of hours collecting prized possessions. Brightly coloured shells, bottle tops, lolly wrappers, stones, […]

How To Help A Family Member Who Hoards

Elise Purkis – Professional Organiser Geelong Elise has years of experience helping to declutter and organise people’s living spaces and workplaces.  In this article, she goes a little deeper and offers some relevant advice designed to get the hoarder you know to come out of the closet.   Are you the spouse, child or parent […]