Geelong Organiser Blog – “I’ve got nothing, Jerry. Nothing!”

Professional Geelong Organiser, Elise Purkis, is embarking upon a series of blogs to help the friends and family of hoarders cope.  She has a completely different take on how to help…


In this series of blogs I’ll attempt to educate and entertain on the subject of hoarding. Educating is easy, there’s plenty of literature and research on the subject. Entertaining? Well, that’s slightly more problematic. Despite this, I believe it’s necessary to help hoarders be accepted in society and to gently coax them into changing their minds about how they live. Only then can they become willing to recognise their possessions for what they are and develop the required bravery to change their habits. Besides, being a hoarder doesn’t mean you don’t have a sense of humour. It just means it may be difficult to locate amongst all your stuff!

To my knowledge, this strategy has never been tried before. Consequently it may just provide those who find themselves dealing with hoarders with another method to help their loved ones overcome this debilitating disorder. And while I’m running the risk of appearing insensitive, let me assure you – I’m not.

I’m Elise Purkis, reformed hoarder and sitcom addict. Remember George Costanza from Seinfeld? One of his famous lines was, “I’ve got nothing, Jerry. Nothing!” The problem with hoarders is they have everything and actually need very little of it. They are polar opposites of George.

Newspapers and magazines are very popular with hoarders. They seem not to realise, despite the mountains of them they have, that a new one is printed every day. A hoarder would argue: “But the story on page 4 is vitally important and I need to keep a copy close in case I need to refer to it later.”

Really? The story on page 6 of today’s paper is exactly the same as yours from 1994 – a male politician is lying about wearing women’s underwear while being fitted for a bra. It’s only the characters that change, not the stories.

Anyway, if you’re willing to give this a crack with me then… great! Could be a bumpy flight but, aren’t we all glad the Wright Brothers had a go?


Thanks for reading.

Professional Geelong Organiser

Elise Purkis.

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  1. Crazythai
    Crazythai says:

    Excellent! Delivered on both fronts. Can’t wait to read the next one. I have a fascination with hoarders, and have a problem with clutter, rather than hoarding. I’m working on that, and know you my inspiration and whip cracker. Now, as they say in the classics: “I’m out!!”


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