S1Ep03 Rosebud

Geelong Organiser Blog – “Rosebud explained” (part 2 of 2)

Geelong Organiser, Elise Purkis, is about to lift the lid on the connection between ‘Citizen Kane’ and sufferers of Hoarding Disorder.


Okay, you’ve had a week to do your homework so hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to download and watch Citizen Kane. Or do I have to give some of you detention?!?!

Rosebud was the name of a sleigh young Charles Kane would play on in the snow. When his life was coming to an end, the man who had everything wanted to distil his whole existence to one childhood treasure associated with carefree fun. The power, politicians, art and antiquities were of little importance. Instead the rosebud he wanted pressed between his pages for eternity was a childhood memory.

What’s your “Rosebud”?

When you’re lying there at the end, as we all must, what will you give prominence to? A person, place or thing? A song, poem or movie? A memory, book or photograph? A regret?

Of course it’s hard, through the course of a life, to nail it down to one thing – especially when your demise is, hopefully, a long way off!  Yet it’s an interesting exercise and a place to open a conversation that may otherwise be difficult to start.

The reason I’m encouraging this approach is because having a conversation is often the guidance offered by therapists who regularly deal with hoarders. An external link, such as a movie, can provide a non-invasive and unexpected opportunity to begin one.  With barriers lowered, by using the movie as a subtext, some clarity may prevail and small steps in the right direction may be gained.  If a few suggestions could be isolated for what may occupy a hoarder’s mind right at their end, it may put the rest of their stuff into perspective.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thought to leave your favourite hoarder with?


Thanks for reading.  I hope it’s been useful.

Geelong Organiser, Elise Purkis.

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