Via text… “You are always thinking.  Relax we are very pleased with what you have done with our home.  It is one thing to come into a house and design it working with a blank canvas, but to work around clients pre-loved furniture is quite another thing entirely.  You have mastered it.  Thanks heaps.”

Jen G.Preparing home for sale - Dec 2015

Hi Elise, Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your assistance last Saturday – can’t begin to tell you how great it feels to walk past that room and have it looking neat and clean all the time.  The kids are so proud to keep it clean too! The process was easy and it was lovely to be able to chat and work at the same time! Wishing you and your family a merry christmas. Warm regards, Pru.

Pru H.Toy room clearout - Dec 2015

I can’t thank you enough Elise for all that you achieved in two days.  I called you in tears when I realised I had two days left before I was due to move across the country and I was yet to pack ANYTHING.  You whipped me into shape and my belongings quicker than I thought would even be possible.

I had to get the contents of my house into my car and a small storage container.  You helped me make decisions that were hard; you supported me through the process and put up with my tears and tantrums at times.

We did it!  I handed the key to the agent at 5pm on a Friday, my house was empty and clean.  I often think ‘how did you do it, any of it, simply amazing!”  The best part of the whole process is the friendship that has developed between the two of us.  You’re a gem!

Rachael C.Ivanhoe - December 2014

I had a day’s notice to organise my packing by the end of the week to catch the rail container going to my new abode in the Northern Territory.

I witnessed Elise systematically packing up my entire house and garage in two days to meet the freight deadline. I was so impressed that I commissioned her to fly to Alice Springs and downsize my house to a two bedroom unit.

Once again, in two and a half days she had everything expertly arranged: clothes folded and organised into sections and colours, books sorted, pictures hung, home and work office meticulously laid out into a great work space, linen press with immaculately folded manchester, kitchen in a logical working order, memorabilia displayed on shelves.

Also, as an added bonus, my three draw filing cabinet was cleared out and organised. One of those ‘I’ll do it one rainy day’ type jobs! And… there was space left in the cupboards!

So I would remember what goes where, she labelled absolutely everything.

It looks and feels as if I have been here for months.

What a feeling of lightness at discarding even more ‘stuff’ and the relief at having so many jobs put on hold for so many years taken care of. I saved precious time by unpacking and setting up a whole new clutter free house in next to no time.

It was worth all the effort, attention and more!

I can now put my hand on almost anything and I smile every time I open a cupboard. It is also so easy to maintain and stick to tidy spaces.

Elise works closely in consultation with you all the way and her patience and care is outstanding.

I would strongly recommend Elise Purkis from UnKluttered Life to organise your home and your life!

Then, you can spend more time doing what you truly love, or need to do, and have the peace of mind of a job well done.

Patricia R.Management and Communications Trainer - Alice Springs NT - August 2014