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Organiser Geelong Blog – “WOW Factor Off the Scale!”

Professional Organiser Geelong.  For the record, Geelong Professional Organiser, Elise Purkis, does not own shares in Thermomix.  Yeah… Right…


The brain’s pretty cool, right? It’s like a super organ. It’s faster than the super-est of computers, more powerful than all other animal brains put together and able to make leaps of faith when no evidence exists. Most other organs just… sieve. Our brains sieve, collect, organise, control, feel, determine, dramatise – I mean, it does everything. It’s like a Thermomix!

Now, imagine if your Thermomix suddenly started steaming when you had it on the stir function. Or if it aerated when you had set it to chop. These malfunctions could turn your soufflé into soup. It’s still a Thermomix but it’s a Thermomix that can’t be trusted to operate as nature intended.

Welcome to the brain of a hoarder. It’s still a Thermomix – it’s just that a couple of the buttons aren’t wired properly.

Fortunately, there are some psychological scientist types out there whose brains are like super Thermomixes. I’m talking interplanetary alien smarts. Some of them have got together to study brains. Now, I’m tipping when people with big brains get together to study brains only good can come from it.

Anyway, they’ve built a machine, and frankly, it’s a machine that’s better than a Thermomix! And it’s got a way cooler name! They call it the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. Like – WOW factor off the scale! It’s hoped that one day this will be able to provide therapy to hoarders.

Now, I might just get a little serious for this next bit…

The TMS can, non-surgically, penetrate more deeply into the brain which is where you must go to get to the areas that are active in hoarders. It’s because of these overactive regions that hoarders are unable to make reasonable decisions about their stuff. It’s thought that by massaging them with magnetic stimulation some new processing patterns may be established.

For the record, I have no shares or financial interest whatsoever in Thermomix. However, I am considering investing in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators.


Thanks for reading.

Professional Organiser Geelong

Elise Purkis.

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